The amazing robot toy that can...

Respond to your face

Play chase

Roam around the house

Drive around and make faces

Loved by people young and old

Definitely impressed with the robot's build quality -- it's clearly designed to survive amongst (young and old) children everywhere.

Winner of Best High-Tech Toy at Toyfair 2013. Romo won our hearts with its combination of personality and robotics innovation.

Romo humanizes technology by giving robots a personality ... At its heart, Romo is a platform for modders and makers.

You've already got a crazy-powerful computer in your pocket. Now put it to use in a 'bot.

Advanced Features

Romo is a creative platform for the curious kid in all of us.

Customizable Behaviors

Create simple behaviors for Romo right inside the app, without having to write a line of code.

Robotic Vision

Use device-optimized computer vision triggers in the Lab to make your robot smarter.


Control Romo's hardware and personality by coding your own iOS apps (Mac OSX required).

Wi-Fi Drive

Race your Romo like an RC car from an iPod, iPhone, or iPad.

The Romo Control telepresence feature no longer functions due to changes in the third-party telepresence provider's technology.

Compatible with your 30-pin or Lightning device

30-pin Romo base

iPod touch 4th generation

iPhone 4

iPhone 4S

Lightning Romo base

iPod touch 5th generation

iPhone 5 / 5C

iPhone 5S

Tech Specs

What's in the box

  • Romo robotic base
  • Custom mini-USB charging cable
  • Product info guide

Battery & Charging

  • Built-in 2000 mAh NiMH Battery
  • Two hours of constant play on a full charge
  • Plug Romo into a powered USB outlet to charge
This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale from Romotive. Romo is still available for-sale from international distributors.