We've written a few sample applications to get you started using the Romotive SDK.


Control your Romo's hardware through driving its motors and LEDs. This simple application presents three buttons on the screen when the iDevice is docked on a robot. Two of these buttons tilt the robot's head up and down when tapped. The third button tells the robot to drive in a circle and blink its LED.


Cycle through Romo's expressions and emotions, and see how he can look around. To get started interfacing with an RMCharacter object, we show you how to get Romo's face to appear on your iDevice. Drag your finger on Romo's face to have him look around. When your finger leaves the screen, Romo will perform a random expression (a brief action) and transition into a random emotion (a persistent state).


Use both RMCore and RMCharacter to drive Romo around and make faces. Swipe left or right on Romo's face, and he will start driving in a circle in the direction you swiped. When you poke Romo's face, he'll stop what he's doing. Finally, swipe up to change Romo's emotional state.